Services / About the Business

Hounsell Consulting strives to facilitate businesses advancement – empowering businesses to operate with ease, to progress and improve. Ultimately building better business relationships.​


Services involve evaluating, designing, implementing and maintaining the process of work within your business in order to retain and/or improve efficiency and productivity.


This will produce practical results and enhance strategic thinking so you can grow your business.

Services offered but not limited to:
  • General gap analysis

  • Compliance review

  • Process mapping

  • Standard operating manuals

  • HR administration (templates / policies / contracts)

  • Recruitment (CV selection & telephone/1st interview. Induction and training)

  • Performance management

  • Mentoring & skills transfer

  • Records/data management

  • Sales & marketing administration

  • Contract management

  • Form/template design

Facilitation of Outsourcing:
  • Marketing

  • IT services

  • Payroll

  • Bookkeeping

  • Labour relations